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Injury Consultation

An appointment consists of medical screening, case history taking, physical examination and a first treatment. It will take approximately 50 minutes to allow us enough time to understand the nature of your injury and to perform an extensive assessment. You will also receive advice about the next steps and we will put a rehabilitation plan together to help you achieve your individual goals.

Injury consultation
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Treatment & Rehabilitation

This is 1-2-1 session, focused on treatment and rehabilitation of your pre-diagnosed injury or condition. Depending on the injury, it may involve manual therapy techniques and/or exercise based rehabilitation and it lasts approximately 50 minutes. Please remember to bring your sports clothes for that session.

Treatment Rehab

Online Consultation

This appointment is essentially a standard injury consultation but all done remotely using customised Telehealth app. We will perform a through medical examination with comprehensive assessment of your complaint. You will also receive an individual rehab plan in our dedicated app, which allows us to track your progress and pain levels. Appointment will last approximately 50 minutes and all you need is an electronic device with a camera and Internet access.

CrossFit Training

Individual Athletic Training

Coming soon...



Massage is one of the oldest therapeutic treatments and involves mobilisation of the soft tissues like muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia. Mechanical pressure applied by the therapist help to stretch surrounding structures and increase blood circulation, which decrease muscle tightness and stimulate cellular regeneration. Massage also stimulate parasympathetic nervous system, which triggers anti-stress hormones release, reduce anxiety level and spark deep relaxation effect.

Sports massage on leg


This type of massage is directed for active people or athletes who require a stronger activation before performance or to loosen up muscular tightness due to increased workout intensity. It can also be performed as a part of individual training for injured players to support healing processes and prevent loss of muscle function. 

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Remedial massage involve different techniques used to treat aches, pain, stiffness and support ongoing rehabilitation. It decreases muscle tension, improve flexibility and can be very beneficial for patients suffering from back pain and headaches. Recommended especially for physical and desk workers.

Relaxing Massage


You don’t have to be in physical pain or recovering from the injury to benefit from massage therapy. Techniques used during relaxing massage stimulate parasympathetic nervous system, which result in releasing anti-stress hormones. Your body unbrace and your mind calm down, causing decrease in stress and anxiety levels. This massage is especially recommended for patients who deal with a lot of stress and anxiety.


Home visits available

If for any reason you are unable to get in to the clinic, PhysioSTAR can come up to your home or workplace! Simply get in touch to discuss your individual needs.

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